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Magnatex Pumps, Inc. Magnatex Pumps, Inc.

Magnatex Pumps Inc. provides super reliable straddle mount design seal-less magnetic drive pumps to 150 HP, or to 2,000 GPM, heads to 470 feet, and temperatures to 750°. Magnatex also provides economical sub-ANSI designs for low flow installations.

Magnatex Pumps, Inc. is dedicated to being a leader in the pumping industry by providing the:
  • Highest reliability and proven design products
  • Most complete range of products
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Highest level of customer service
  • Easiest and lowest cost of repair

Magnatex Pumps, Inc. is a supplier of heavy-duty, Magnatex sealless, magnetic drive, all-metallic centrifugal and regenerative turbine vane pumps, and Magnatex/Texel fluoropolymer-lined, sealless, centrifugal pumps. Advanced technology Magnatex mag-drive pumps are operating in thousands of applications worldwide, successfully meeting tough pumping challenges for both low-and high-temperature liquids, from recovery solvents to heat transfer, toxic, noxious and high purity fluids.

Key features that set Magnatex Pumps apart from other products include:
  • SiC-D patented bearing material available for dry-running capability
  • Straddle mounted, double bearing design reduces shaft load and bearing wear compared to typical cantilevered, over-hung designs
  • Slip fit construction allows for easy maintenance and on-site repairs
  • Larger internal flow path is more forgiving of solids: up to 1% at 500 micron or 8% at 100 micron
  • Single contained seal gasket in wet end
  • Full ANSI interchangeability
  • Close-coupled configuration design available for smaller footprint

In difficult applications where leakage is not an option, superior design and service ensure that Magnatex pumps perform at peak levels with minimum maintenance for low overall cost of ownership.

MAGNATEX is the Ultimate Magnetic Drive Pump!

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MAGNATEX seal-less magnetic drive pumps!

Roth Pump Co. Roth Pump Co.

ROTH Regenerative Turbine Pumps consistently deliver excellent performance with years of reliable service in some of the toughest applications. Ideal for low-flow, high-head pumping of liquids at or near vapor pressure, ROTH pumps can handle flow rates in the range of 1 or 2 GPM to over 150 GPM, and multi-stage ROTH pump models can deliver discharge heads in excess of 5000 feet TDH with operating temperatures from cryogenic to 450 F.

ROTH Low NPSH Pumps have an extremely robust process capability. These pumps are simple, compact, direct drive, API compliant designs operating at 1750 or 3600 RPM, with NO gearbox and NO high speed seals. Any standard commercial single and double mechanical seal and API seal plans are available, as well as seal-less magnetic drive models that completely side step chronic seal problems and eliminate fugitive emissions with years of consistent and reliable service.

Stainless steel or high alloy construction is available for reactive and/or corrosive applications. VFD Driven ROTH pumps can add tremendous process flexibility with improved efficiency for many processes.

Typical ROTH regenerative turbine pump applications include:

  • Anhydrous ammonia injection
  • Boiler feed water and desuperheater feed
  • Caustic feed and recirculation
  • Hydrofluoric acid reactor charge
  • Hydrocarbons and solvents
  • Naptha and light ends
  • Sour water and slop oils
  • Flashing service with cavitation
  • Liquids with entrained gas
  • Liquefied gases

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Texel Pumps Texel Pumps

Texel Pumps by Magnatex Pumps, Inc. are ANSI dimensional Teflon PFA lined seal-less magnetic drive process pumps with capacities to 320 GPM, heads to 285 feet, and temperatures to 250F. These pumps are unique in the industry and feature a tough, compression-molded PFA liner that is anchored to the base metal. It will not move. Liner bleed-through is completely eliminated.

The Texel MTA Series Pumps are designed with process industry requirements in mind. The heavy-duty materials of construction and proven design make it suitable for use in operations where leakage is not an option. Benefits include:
  • Conforms to ANSI B73.3 standards
  • Durable PFA lining provides superior chemical resistance
  • Inner magnet assembly is totally encapsulated in PFA, eliminating any seams or welds
  • Unique dovetail design ensures stability of the liner during pressure/temperature fluctuations
  • Transfer compression molding ensures uniform thickness and maximum resistance to permeability
  • Sealless magnetic drive provides leak-free performance
  • Wet ends are PFA-lined ductile iron

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TEXEL Teflon PFA lined seal-less magnetic drive pumps!