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AAF American Air Filter Company, Inc.

Today, selling under the AAF® and American Air Filter® brand names, AAF clean air products and systems offer the most comprehensive clean air solutions available in the world. Our products are the industry benchmarks for quality and performance, from simple roughing filters, to air pollution control, to gas containment removal, to the highest efficiency filters used in the most stringent clean environments.

From its world headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, AAF maintains operations in 22 countries with more than 3,000 employees worldwide. Product lines include a complete line of wet dust collectors, dry dust collectors, side access housing collectors, source capture, and mist eliminators.

Wet Dust Collectors


The RotoClone® W is the most cost effective, high-efficiency wet dust collector in its class. Combining a dust collector with a centrifugal fan, saving space and enhancing its suitable for a wide variety of different applications. The distinguishing feature of the RotoClone® W is the addition of a fine water film on the impeller blades to capture even the smallest of dust particles.

The RotoClone® DownVent is an efficient wet collector for use in metal grinding and metalworking environments.

The RotoClone® LVN wet collector was patterned after the standard RotoClone® N collector, which has been installed in thousands of applications since its introduction in the 1940s. It is an efficient, compact and economical wet-type dust collector specifically designed for volumetric flow rates of 2,500 CFM or less.

The RotoClone® N combines high efficiency, low maintenance costs, simplicity, flexibility and low water usage to maximize performance. The RotoClone® N is a flexible design for a wide range of operating conditions with minimal servicing requirements. The RotoClone® N is an optimal solution for chemical, industrial processes, metal grinding, and metalworking environments.


The venturi shape of the Kinpactor provides the most efficient conversion of potential energy (static pressure) into kinetic energy (velocity), and then allows maximum regain or reconversion of this high velocity back to static pressure as velocity diminishes in the diverging section.

Dry Dust Collectors:

The PulsePak® Prime is a compact cartridge-type dust collector capable of operating in high dust loading applications, while achieving better efficiencies and longer lifespans than traditional baghouses.

This product provides users with a smaller footprint compared to traditional cartridge filters, without adversely affecting filtration performance. Typical applications include coal, mining, metalworking, food processing and pharmaceutical. The PulsePak® Prime excels in environments where dust loadings are high, while maintaining a low differential pressure. The PulsePak® Prime cartridge design allows for better cleaning over any other comparable design. The compact size is also ideal when space is limited. The PulsePak® Prime bridges the gap between the industry needs for baghouse designs and the performance requirements from cartridge collectors. It utilizes the industry-leading cartridge media, REDClean™ N, in a unique configuration to allow for use in traditional baghouse applications. Multiple modules can be combined to accommodate large flow requirements.

A true downflow design is featured with an un-obstructed downward flow of dirty air to reduce turbulence and lower the differential pressure. Its lone sealing surface reduces the chance for leakage, while the compact panel filter design, utilizing REDClean™ N media, allows for greater filter surface area in a smaller footprint than traditional cartridge filters.

REDClean™ media is standard in the PulsePak® Prime, allowing for improved high-efficiency particulate removal.

The AAF OptiFlo® RC cartridge collector is the optimum solution to a wide variety of air quality problems. The advantage is simple: through design optimization and working in synergy with our class-leading REDClean® cartridges, filtration performance is enhanced and the cost of ownership is reduced.

The AAF FabriPulse® Fusion is the optimum solution to a variety of air quality problems and can be tailored to specific application requirements. The FabriPulse® Fusion dust collector can be used as an integral part of processes in a vast range of industries, including chemical, cement, food processing, packaging, mineral extraction and steel.

The FabriPulse BV Dust Collector is an effective solution to control dust in silos and bins. Units available with a fan up to 1500CFM.

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CECO Filters CECO Filters

For more than 40 years, our CECO Filters brand has manufactured and sold mist elimination products including fiber bed filters and mesh pad mist eliminators that are used to trap, collect and remove liquid mist and soluble solid particulate suspended in air or other gas streams. As a pioneer, leader, and Innovator of Fiber Bed Filtration Technology, we provide cost-effective solutions for a variety of industries.

Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators

Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators are also commonly known as fiber bed filters or candle filters. Our CECO Filters brand Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators are optimal for capturing and removing sub-micron liquid and soluble particulate from process gas streams, and they are used extensively by facilities seeking to reduce emissions across a wide range of industries. They achieve collection and removal efficiencies as high as 99.9%, and enable the recovery of valuable material even in heavy liquid situations.

The filters are typically constructed in annular cylindrical form from 2 ft. to 20 ft. tall. The cylinder is formed by rolled screens, with both an outer and inner screen used. The filter material is placed between the inner and outer cylindrical screens to form the fiber bed. The diameter of the fibers, fiber material and the material’s packing density determines the operating parameters of the filter (such as pressure drop, collection efficiency, and gas through-put). Plates and flanges are attached to the ends to permit a variety of mounting and draining methods.

Our CECO Filters brand Mist Eliminators are custom-designed in a number of configurations, including:

  • TVF system – tank vent filter system for asphalt applications CMC system – central mist collector for oil mist from metal-working operations
  • COM system – for metal-working fluid mist
  • DLM system – for asphalt applications
  • FID system – filter-in-the-dust system for oil mist from metal-working operations
  • FIV system – filter-in-the-vessel system for acid or caustic mist
  • GATTOR system – for turbine lube oil mist
  • MOD system – modular filter system for acid or caustic mist
  • STTOR system – for turbine lube oil mist


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Custom-designed filters for new or existing systems
  • ustom-designed filters for new or existing systems
  • High removal performance efficiency – up to 99.9%
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Filter re-packing services


  • Available in standard and custom-design configurations
  • Constructed of various corrosion-resistant materials, including Hastelloy, Alloy 20, 316L Stainless Steel, Tantalum, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), plastics, and standard carbon steel
  • Long filter life – up to 10 years
  • High quality control and manufacturing standards
  • Each filter element is individually tested for pressure drop, aerosol removal efficiency, and flow distribution

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Mott Corporation Mott Corporation

Mott Corporation manufactures process filtration systems featuring porous metal and high efficiency tubular backwash designs for hot and corrosive applications, catalyst recovery, and fiber metal filters for hot gas service.

From porous media to complete filters systems,
Mott delivers what you need.

Mott's porous metal parts and shapes are found in a variety of applications throughout industries such as chemical/petrochemical, medical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, textile, power, semiconductor, and many others. For these industries, Mott Corporation manufactures a tremendous variety of products, in materials that include stainless steel, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy and Titanium, that are custom tailored to each application.

Primary characteristics of Mott media are precise and uniform porosity, high strength, and a variety of material grades.

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