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List of Fan Products
Cincinnati Fan & Ventilator Co. Cincinnati Fan & Ventilator Co.

Cincinnati Fan & Ventilator Co. manufactures superior quality centrifugal fans with up to 125 HP and 10 to 20 day shipment. Types of fans include centrifugal fans with airfoil, backward incline and radial blade wheels, square fans, cast aluminum pressure blowers, high pressure blowers, plug fans, portable dust collectors, duct fans and propeller fans.

Count on Cincinnati Fan & Ventilator Co. to quickly deliver:

A Full Range of Standard Products
  • Specializing in cast aluminum and fabricated steel, aluminum and stainless steel fans in the 1/4 to 125 horsepower range
  • Providing a wide variety of standard or modified products to fit your needs
Quick Customization
  • Cincinnati Fan & Ventilator Co.'s unique manufacturing systems allow it to quickly and affordably customize
Quick, reliable service provided by in-house specialists and support personnel
  • Strict quality control procedures throughout all manufacturing operations maintain our excellent reputation for quality and dependability
  • Precision CAD design systems and computerized fan selection programs minimize the chance for errors
Complete Commitment to Your Satisfaction
  • Superior products, excellent service, and on-time delivery have been the core operating principles of Cincinnati Fan since its founding in 1956.

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Fan Equipment Co. Fan Equipment Co.

Fan Equipment Co. specializes in custom and heavy duty pressure blowers, draft fans and exhausters for rugged industrial service, per API 560 and /or API 673.

Fan Equipment Co., Inc. builds process fans from 1 HP to 1000 HP with wheel diameters from 10'' to 102''. Our fans are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, special alloys, epoxy coated, and in fiberglass. The applications include process gas fans, odor control fans, waste water treatment fans, air pollution control, nuclear power plants, steel mills, paper mills, ovens, autoclaves, and general ventilation.

Fan Equipment Co., Inc. has been designing and manufacturing heavy-duty air moving equipment for almost FORTY years. It supplies industrial fans and blowers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Each application determines the selection of each fan built. The Fan Equipment Co., Inc. design engineering staff provides bearing load analysis, finite element analysis, AutoCAD drawings, and thirty years of design experience for each fan it manufactures. Performance and sound validation testing has been completed for each of its different fan models.

Fan Equipment employs ASME Section IX certified welders and supports a Quality Assurance Program that complies with ASME NQA-1 nuclear requirements.

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Daniels Fans Daniels Fans

High Temperature Fans and Blowers

Daniels Fans manufactures industrial duty high temp fans for operating temperatures up to 2200°F (1200°C).

Four aerodynamic designs offer a broad range of solutions for furnace air recirculation, thermal oxidizer, annealing, waste heat recovery and other thermal process applications.

Fans can be designed and built as belt or direct drives, housed fans or high temperature plug fans, insulated double wall housings or un-insulated housings, reversible axial flow fans, gas tight construction and custom designed to fit your thermal treatment equipment.

Air cooled shaft and bearings are typically used to eliminate costly and troublesome water cooling.

Repair and retrofit services are available.

  • Operating temperatures up to 2,200 F (1,200 C)
  • Volumes up to 440,000 CFM (750,000 cubic meters/hour)
  • Pressures to 80” WG (2,000 mm WG)
  • Wheel Diameters to 102 inches (2,600mm)

Custom High Temperature Fans

Custom builds, no problem. We can design and build to meet any required specification.

Below are just some of the many custom fan specials we have designed and manufactured to meet our customers’ exact specifications.

  • Operating temperatures up to 2200°F / 1200°C
  • High efficiency impellers to 79″ / 2000mm diameter
  • Radial blade impellers to 102″ / 2600mm diameter
  • V-belt drive / direct coupling
  • Single or double outlet housings
  • Reversible axial flow units
  • Gas tight construction
  • Flexible connectors
  • Customized design service

High Temp Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans and blowers use several types of wheels or impellers that draw the air or gas into the inlet of the blower housing, through the wheel and discharge it, at 90 degrees, out of the housing.

Centrifugal plug fans typically do not use a housing, and the air is pulled into the inlet of the wheel and discharges 360 degrees around the outside diameter of the wheel.

In high temperature applications, three types of wheels are used – open paddle wheel with radial blades (Model OPB), forward curve bladed (Model MFC) and backward inclined blades (Model BI).

Open Paddle Wheel with Radial Blades (Model OPB)

  • typically used when higher pressures are required
  • direct drive and belt drive
  • available as plug fans or housed fans

Forward Curved Bladed (Model MFC)

  • typically used when higher volumes are required
  • direct drive and belt drive
  • available as plug fans or housed fans

Backward Inclined Blades (Model BI)

  • typically used for maximum efficiency
  • direct drive and belt drive
  • double width fans are available

High Temperature Industrial Fans Overview

High Temperature Fans typically fall under the classifications of High Temp Industrial Fans, High Temperature Industrial Blowers, High Temp Industrial Exhausters, Recirculation Fans, Mixers, High Temperature Industrial Centrifugal Fans, and High Temperature Axial Fans.

The term “Industrial Fan” does not have a clear definition, but the term is intended to mean a fan of heavier construction to meet the demands of industrial operations. This may include use of thicker material gauges, larger shaft assemblies, bearings with increased bearing life, and corrosive resistant material. The term “High Temperature Industrial Fan” means a fan with additional special construction features, such as fan insulation. In some cases high temperature alloy metals may be required. These fans can be designed for belt drive and direct drive applications. Daniels Fans uses air cooled design technology instead of water cooling design technology for all fan construction.

High temperature centrifugal fans or blowers use one of several types of wheel designs and are typically enclosed in a scroll shape designed housing. The air enters the fan wheel through the housing inlet and turns 90 degrees, then is accelerated radially and exits the fan housing discharge.

High Temperature Axial fans use propellers, to move the air in an axial direction through a cylindrical housing or formed orifice panel assembly.

Daniels Fans Industrial High Temperature Applications

  • Heat Treatment Furnaces
  • Fume Extraction
  • Thermal Oxidizers
  • Annealing Processing
  • Glass Making Industry
  • Heat Exhaustion
  • Incineration (Trash)
  • Jet Engine Exhaust Testing
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Industrial Mining

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